Wedding Quilt

What do you give a bride who has selflessly given and given and given of herself to many families ? A bride who so many young ladies look to as a role model? How can they show their appreciation? They do what they can - little stitches, simply yet beautifully executed, compiled into one gorgeous quilt, wrapped with love.

About 50 little girls, young ladies, and mothers participated in this TOP SECRET project. We kept it a secret for over a month. That alone is amazing!

Many different people helped construct the quilt. It traveled to our church campout where women secretly stole away to hand quilt around each square. It visited ballet classes where moms waited for dancing daughters and hand stitched some more. It traveled to my house for an evening; my role was cutting and sewing on the binding. I measured, cut, and pinned over 300" of binding only to discover this: the binding was 1/4" too short. Argh! Can you make out the time on the watch? It's 11:50 pm - too late to deal with this kind of problem! But there was plenty of fabric left, so I neatly seamed in a 12" piece to patch it up the next day.

The finished result was given to the bride at a surprise tea party. What a delight to see the little girls proudly pointing out their squares.

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