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... a rousing success. The strength is a wide scope: it covers evidential argument for the authenticity and veracity of Scripture, analysis of textual criticism, summary of the books, review of translations, analysis of study tools, various methods of reading and study the Bible, and a final warning against legalistic obedience in reading, encouraging reading to flow from a living, love relationship with the Lord. The only weakness for me was a dismissal of the textus receptus as outdated, when it is still one legitimate family of texts, not an inferior family to be tossed aside. Minor point. Also, it begs the question a bit in responding to the documentary hypothesis of the higher critics (4 authors of Pentateuch, not Moses; Daniel couldn't have written Daniel; etc.) 2nd minor point.

If you have questions about the authenticity of the original manuscripts we have, pages 27-28 will answer your questions.

Overall, a great introduction to the Bible, and there is enough high-quality writing on various topics, that the life-long reader of Scripture is bound to find something new, as well.

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