Belhar Confession

As I left the RCA, the liberal leadership was beginning a push to adopt the Belhar confession. It recently came up in my new circle of colleagues, and the new CREC moderator Jack Phelps offered this analysis:

"The Belhar Confession is of relatively recent origin (1986). It was formulated in South Africa by the Dutch Reformed Mission Church (now a component of the URCSA). Recently the PCUSA adopted a resolution urging all its congregations and presbyteries to study the Belhar with a view toward some level of adoption in the future. The specific reason given was that this confession would help the PCUSA further its efforts to combat racisim and promote unity.

"Unfortunately, the Belhar in its particulars makes unity the primary goal of the church and calls upon the church to avoid all actions that will disrupt unity. I don't suppose I need to spell out the horrific problems with such a postion. As you read it, you almost get the sense that it was written specifically to throw open the door to Sodomites. Actually I doubt that was the intent, given its origin, but it certainly would lend itself well to that purpose."

I guess I'll be labelled a rascist, hate-filled divider for this by some. I just want a church that is as pure in her sexual practice (1 Cor 6:9-11) as she is unified in her racial reconciliation and life (Rev 7:9). Adopting a confession is not needed to guide the church away from racism, but it sure would create a venue for misapplying the truth of welcoming diversity and reconciliation to those indulging in homosexual practice.

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