Job's argument with his friends is about God's justice.

Job: "God is not doing justice in my life right now."
Job's friends: "God is doing justice in your life right now."

There is a strand of what some call Zen Calvinism that emphasizes total depravity without empathy for what anyone is going through. No matter what your trouble, it is always less than you deserve, they say. This is true in one sense, but the message of Job seems to deny it in another sense. God WILL do justice in your life, as you "deserve" in Christ. He will seat you at His Table, free from all ill. But until that day, God does not execute justice in perfect accord with His revealed will. He does this for His own reasons (Rom 2:4; Heb 12:5-7, 11). He has set up the world so that generally we are blessed when we obey Him, and cursed when we disobey Him, but it doesn't always happen this way. We can't conclude when blessed, that we must be obeying; that when afflicted we are necessarily disobeying.

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