The worm of conscience gnaws away

Book One - Knowledge of God the Creator
Chapter 3 - The knowledge of God has been naturally implanted in the minds of men
Section 1 - The character of this natural endowment
It's unarguable that we all know of God.
We are self-condemned, because of it.
Even idolatry proves this knowledge: we'd rather lower ourselves to worship others than worship nothing.

Section 2 - Religion is no arbitrary invention
Men didn't invent religion to control the rest. It works too well:
men actually believe in God.
Those who defy God are most afraid of other things (Lev 26:36).
Atheists can't keep up the veneer for long.

Section 3 - Actual godlessness is impossible
We can't remove consciousness of God from our minds.
They laugh at God, but conscience gnaws away inside.
If we stay in this state, we descend to the level of brutes.
Even the pagans knew this (quotes Plato).
What distinguishes man from beast is worship [not just reason!]

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