Illustrating Dad's Sermons

The daughter captures each of the 3 temptations Jesus faced in the wilderness. The focus is not on the participants, but on the setting of each scene. This shows the weight of each temptation.
The son has a much more, ahem, well-armed version of Jesus facing Satan. Note the many-spiked swords and shields. Jesus is on the left, marked by the cross in the upper left, and Satan and his minions on the right as marked by the lightning in the upper right corner and many sharp pointy teeth.. I was going to try to get rid of the sermon text from the background, but decided it belonged with the artwork, kind of an altered-medium sort of work. Note also how Jesus is advancing while Satan just stands and (hopelessly) defends. It doesn't show in the above scan, but the paper itself shows many signs of struggle and battle with its many wrinkles and abuse from the artist.
We do our best artwork during Dad's sermons, it seems.


  1. LOL! they're quite the artist. :D

  2. They are very creative