His Great Unchanging Eyes

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Chapter 12 - Peter's First Battle

The beavers and children are also walking through the thaw, but delighting in it instead of angry, like the witch. They figure out what the witch knew for sure: Spring means Aslan is at work (giving life), undoing "the witch's schemes" (1 John 3:8). They are tired, but the healthy, tingly tired of having done a good day's work, as they ought to have done.

They come to the Stone Table, something ancient, obviously from another age. It represents the Law of God, written in stone (Ex 34:1; 2 Cor 3:7). Aslan is "good and terrible at the same time." They can't look him straight in the face (2 Cor 3:7 again!). Peter is the spokesman for the disciples, and takes responsibility before Aslan for anything he has done wrong.

Lucy comes closest to Aslan's heart, seeing His sadness at what is to come, and asking first about saving Edmund. Can anything be done? "All shall be done. But it may be harder than you think."

Aslan shows Peter the castle where he will be king, and then he has to earn that crown: "let the Prince win his spurs!" He kills the wolf that threatens the sheep. He does it regardless of his feeling sick. Then we learn that "kissing and crying" are all right in Narnia, especially after brushes with death like that. Aslan knights Peter. "Never forget to wipe your sword."

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