Big enough for Samaritans like you and me

Ezekiel 47:1-12
Sermon text - Acts 8 - on Samaritans coming to the Lord

This table is a reminder of Ezekiel’s river. This table is never too small. It grows to fit whoever comes in faith. It is big enough even for Samaritans. There is more grace in Jesus than there is sin in you. Let Him put out the raging fire of sin in your heart with his living water. Don’t make this table so small that only you and your kind fit around it. All Christ’s people are welcome. Don’t make this table so small that you can’t come, just because you have failed in the fight against sin. Come and profess faith in Christ, tell the world that You trust Him for grace, for strength, for help, for joy, for truth, for deliverance from temptation. Believe that He is big enough to handle your issues.


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