Suffering Giving Way to Sweet Reward

Hebrews 12:1-6, 11

Our Lord Jesus Christ faced the attacks of compromise and persecution. He was tempted by Satan to take the easy way. To receive glory and kingdoms with a little bow of the knee to Satan instead of the painful sacrifice of the cross. He was tempted to set aside the cup His Father gave him to drink, a cup that meant arrest, condemnation, flogging, beating, crucifixion, and God-forsaken-ness. When your soul is sorrowful even to death at the crosses and losses you have endured, remember that Jesus has traveled this road ahead of you. Your painful suffering for Christ is filling up the afflictions His body must suffer. At the end of the road, though we cannot always see it, is peaceable fruit, joy set before us, an eternal weight of glory that far surpasses these light and momentary afflictions. The cup you hold shows us the shame and sacrifice of Christ on the cross, atoning for our sin. The cup also shows us the joy and glory of full favor, forgiveness and fellowship with the Father. He gives us the best of His blessings for us to enjoy, as His adopted and beloved sons and daughters.


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