Serving up Jesus

Sermon on Acts 6:1-7

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to serve. He had a ministry. He was a deacon. He gives us daily bread and does not neglect us. But there is one big difference. Ministers serve what is not their own. Jesus Christ is the source. He gives Himself. Do not think you are getting anything else at this meal. You are not getting a warm fuzzy feeling of communion. You are not getting a stoic feeling of conviction. You are not getting ideas, doctrine and theology in picture form. You are not getting a snack. You are not getting a reminder of Jesus. You are getting Jesus. Not physically his body, but by the Spirit the real Jesus is communicated to us in this bread and wine, as we take it in faith. Christ’s ministers are right now giving you what is way beyond their power to give. Feed upon Jesus Christ in your soul, trust Him with your life.


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