You Have a Refuge

Hebrews 9:1a, 9-14

The tabernacle of Moses was given us as a symbol of what Christ would do: cleansing not only bodies but hearts, minds and consciences. We set up tents to shelter us from the weather. We have houses. We go camping. We seek refuge not only from the cold, but from God’s wrath against our guilt and sin. God Himself has provided a shelter. He gave promises and a sacrifice to Abraham. He gave a tabernacle to Israel for a glory and a covering. He gave Boaz to Ruth for a kinsman-redeemer. He gave us Jesus Christ for an atoning redeemer, to fulfill all His other gifts. Solomon sang of Christ’s love for us: “He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.” You are now in His banqueting house. Rejoice in His grace, His favor, His love, the banner He has raised over You.


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