Mothers and Daughters are Busy!

From "What Daughters Need" by Nancy Wilson

"Mothers should be equipping their daughters to be proficient, skillful, capable, and trained to run a home on all cylinders. This includes what we call crafting (knitting, sewing, weaving, and a hundred other things) as well as gardening, cooking, decorating, organizing, bookkeeping, shopping, gift-giving, writing, and teaching."

"Moms can be so busy with the little ones that the older ones have to fend for themselves. But daughters need godly oversight. They need Mom to wash their hair and teach them how to fix it. They need mothers to dress them and care for them and comfort them. When daughters are ignored or left to do it themselves, they become unhappy with who they are. They lose their sense of feminine identity. They drift."

Credenda/Agenda, Summer/Fall 2012, pg 24.

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