Quick post-election thoughts

Brian Nolder
The kingdom of God is much bigger than America–indeed, that most Christians in the world today have dark skin, not light; most do not necessarily speak English–and that the kingdom of God does not, in the final analysis, depend on America.

David Field:
Evangelical defeatism is a failure of historical perspective. After all, the statistics are out there....

Russell Moore:
So let’s pray for President Obama. Let’s not give ourselves to terms of disrespect, or every crazy conspiracy theory that floats across the Internet.

Doug Wilson:
Jesus is still Lord, and the truth is still the truth. A corollary of this is that math is still math, and blind folly is still blind folly. And salvation from blind folly is still true salvation. The gospel is still the gospel, and it is still powerful to save. And nothing is more evident than that it is gospel that we need.

I would add to all this that God does not need my right vote, or the right candidate elected, to see His Son satisfied in His labors for His people and His kingdom. He does right and well for us against, or regardless of, our efforts. On the other hand, it is important for us to get back to work, for our labor is not in vain (1 Cor 15:58). Sometimes we must believe this against the evidence otherwise...

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