General Synod - sightings of a first-time delegate

I'm flying out in 2 hours, and blogger is back up in time for me to say that I will have blogging capabilities at General Synod, so stay tuned.

This is the Reformed Church in America's highest assembly, akin to the presbyterian "General Assembly," or in legal parlance, the Supreme Court. There are something like 200 delegates total, some from each classis (prebytery) in the denomination across the country. We are meeting in Pella, Iowa, at the RCA's Central College.

I am on a committee examining a 15-page paper on marriage and sexuality, and that will be fun to be in on that discussion.

Anyway, more tonight, maybe.

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  1. GS is always interesting. I have been twice: once as a seminarian observer and then later as a delegate. My only suggestion is seek to please God and not man (or woman) and you will do fine as a defender of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.