Joseph and Jesus

I read part of the Joseph story to Grace lately, and was struck at the number of Christ connections. He (both Joseph and Jesus) is mistreated by his brothers, which, along with his own faithfulness in resisting temptation, lands him in prison/Hell. While there, he preaches to those in prison (1 Peter 3:19). Some of them are released and ascend to life again. Others despair and die. When Joseph is released he ascends all the way to the right hand of the throne, where all authority in Egypt is given to him.


  1. I truly love typology! It reinforces for me the divine aspect of Holy Scripture. Nice insight.

  2. I've read a number of different interpretations of that verse in 1 Peter. There is a great variety of meanings and implications given to ""preached to the spirits in prison". What do you mean by "released and ascend to life again"? Do you mean that some who had died apart from faith later responded to the gospel after death?

  3. Conrad, not at all. I don't believe there is a second chance for repentance after we die.

    The connection I see is in Jesus going to prison/Hell, and preaching/interpreting-a-vision/prophesying, and then releasing some to heaven. This last phrase does assume a minority position that the Old Testament saints were not in the immediate presence of God in heaven until Jesus came and preached to them. They were (so the position goes) in the paradise section of Sheol (these are largely Greek categories, I believe) - not tormented, but a sort of limbo.

    I'm not sure if I believe that, though it is plausible. The more standard line is that Jesus is simply announcing His victory to those in hell, who are going to stay there. Then there's no Joseph connection here, except for the guy who loses his head. He is resurrected on the last day to judgment.