Of Berries and Babies (Sara)

Summer is officially here: it's strawberry pickin' time! While Steve was away, I took my three kids, along with Grandma and my 9 year old niece to the local strawberry patch. In under an hour we easily picked 16 quarts of the reddest, sweetest berries I've had in a long time! I knew all those little fingers would be good at picking! And there wasn't one green one that made it into our baskets.

After a hot hour in the sun picking the berries, we tried our hand at canning jam. I usually do freezer jam, but since I'm short on space decided to can this year. Anyone else ever do this? Are the berries supposed to rise to the top, leaving the jelly part at the bottom? Two batches of canned jam and one of freezer jam are done - leaving a bit of room in my cupboards for raspberries! Can't wait!

Now that summer is here, I can really start preparing for baby's arrival. Only six weeks to go! We've decided on a name for this little guy (no hints!) and just need to dig out the baby boy clothes. The kids are excited, and I am definitely ready to be done with this pregnancy. Feeling quite large lately and a bit tired, but I won't let it slow down my berry and garden exploits. There's nothing like dirt under your nails to make you hum like a bee. And I think the neighbors enjoy watching this pregnant mama wield a hoe.

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  1. Hey Sara

    I've canned strawberry jam as well. And yes it does separate a bit, BUT to reduce that...it's all in the stirring. Hmmm...Not sure how to explain it better. Sorry. But yes, it does happen like that frequently.