The Hanging Gardens of ... Hemmeke

Ok, maybe it's not quite the gardens of Babylon, but I'm pretty excited about my garden this year. Mostly because everything is growing so well and those nasty rabbits haven't broken through my fence (yet).

Last year I planted everything in plain old boring rows.

But this year.... ah, I was inspired by a drive through Amish country in northern Indiana where I spotted a garden planted in a V-shape. Amish gardens are always so lovely and perfectly kept, take time to drive slowly by if you happen through that area.

Being a graphic designer I decided to take my garden to the next level - at least make it nice to look at in case my veggies all flop! So I mixed in flowers with the veggies and came up with a diamond shape which actually makes good use of our teeny garden.

Oh, but that fence! Chicken wire, no less. Ugh. Not pretty. (But thank you Steve for building it.) I received a gift of flowering vine seed packets, and voila! Why not use vertical as well as horizontal space!? I already had a climbing rose... hang a basket of wave petunias off the corner of the shed and it's a complete visual feast!

The most exciting part? All those little seeds I planted are finally growing and establishing themselves. There's nothing more exciting than watching little things grow, and getting dirt under your fingernails in the process (gardening gloves are for wimps). Reminds me of motherhood....


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  2. What I was TRYING to say in my last comment (but had some "techy/Terri" difficulties), was that you should post a picture of your actual garden! I'd love to see it. Your design reminds me of all the gardening magazines I love to look at. I just don't think things through that thoroughly in my own backyard. Things just get shoved in the bare spaces over here. Your design looks really nice! :)

  3. I'd love to post a picture, but we don't have a digital camera. What photos I do post are film, processed, developed then scanned! A lot of work!

    But believe me, the garden doesn't measure up to those fancy garden magazines!! I didn't include the weeds in my diagram. :)