Gospels - Jesus' birth through childhood

Luke 1 - the births of John and Jesus are announced Miraculous conceptions, Spirit-filled prophecies astound people.

John 1 - The Word was with God in the beginning, the light that gives us life. He lived among us, John bore witness to Him.

1 John 1 - We (the apostles) have seen, heard, and touched Jesus and reveal Him to you. By Him we have forgiveness of sin.

Matt 1 - Jesus' genealogy; Mary conceives; angel appears to Joseph, so he doesn't divorce her.

Matt 2 - Mary and Joseph have to go to Bethlehem for a census and Jesus is born in a stable there. Angels announce it to nearby shepherds who go see and tell all they meet. Jesus circumcised. At the sacrifice for Mary's cleansing at the temple, Simeon and Anna proclaim Jesus the coming Redeemer of Israel.

Matt 2 - eastern wise men come to worship Jesus, and find a craft, paranoid Herod on the throne instead. The scribes and the star lead them 5 miles further to Bethlehem. After giving gifts to Jesus, God keeps them from Herod, and sends Joseph running from Herod to Egypt. Herod kills the baby boys in Bethlehem, like a Pharoah. When he dies, they come back to Nazareth.

Luke 2 - Jesus grows; goes to temple at 12 and interacts with teachers, doing His Father's business. Parents lose him, but He goes home with them after 3 days.

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