Matt 20-24

20 - Parable of 1-hour worker getting grace (same pay as all-day workers), and the poor response to this by the all-day workers. Jesus predicts His death and resurrection again. Zebedee's wife asks a higher place for her sons, resulting in offense and rivalry.

21 - Jesus enters Jerusalem, cleanses the temple, curses the fig tree (representing temple leadership), and rebukes them via parables when they question His authority.

22 - Parable of the wedding feast. Many invited, few come, and even of those that do some do not come on the king's terms. Pharisees, then Saduccees each try to trap Jesus: pay taxes to Caesar? Multiple wives in the resurrection? Jesus answers defeating them soundly. He summarizes all the law as loving God and neighbor. Then He performs some exegetical jujitsu from Psalm 110 to show Messiah will be greater than they expect (as His own teaching skills far surpass their own).

23 - Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for proudly seeking honor from men, for spreading their legalism which keeps themselves and others outside the kingdom, for lacking discernment by callous disobedience in greater things while being over-scrupulous in lesser matters, for keeping up pious appearances while being evil on the inside, for being glad their forefathers killed God's prophets but claiming they wouldn't do that now.

24 - Jesus predicts the fall of the temple. Disciples ask when. Jesus gives signs: persecution, gospel spread, false prophets, abomination in the temple, people fleeing Judea, sun moon and stars will fall, elect gathered, Son of Man comes with power and glory - you'll know when it is near - all before this generation is gone (fulfilled in 70AD). Of the LAST day no one knows. That will be sudden and unexpected, like the flood.

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