Matt 25-28

25 - be prepared and productive while the master/bridegroom is away. When He comes, He will separate the sheep from goats, based on their deeds to the poor (the fruit of faith).

26 - Chief priests and Judas conspire to arrest Jesus. Mary anoints him with expensive perfume. They celebrate Passover with His betrayal and His blood sacrifice for our forgiveness on our mind. Jesus predicts the disciples' flight, prays for this cup to pass by Him, prevents violence, and is arrested. He stresses that He is a prophet, not a rebel. Sanhedrin condemns Him, Peter denies Him.

27 - Judas' suicide. Pilate tries Jesus, finds no fault but condemns to placate the Jews. soldiers beat, ridicule and crucify Jesus. Body buried and sealed in tomb by His enemies.

28 - Mary and the guards encounter an earthquake and angels, announcing Christ's resurrection. He meets the disciples and sends them to Galilee, while the Jews cover up the incident. Jesus sends the worshiping disciples to disciple all the nations by baptizing and teaching them His commands.

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