Luke 8-10

8 - Parable of the sower; Jesus calms a storm, casts out a demon from a Gentile, heals a 12-year medical problem, and raises a 12-year old from death.

9 - Jesus sends out the 12 apostles. When they return He feeds 5000, with 12 baskets left over. (What's up with the number 12?) Peter confesses Jesus as Christ; He foretells His death and resurrection, and calls for self-denial. Jesus transfigured, and casts out another demon, but again foretells His death. Disciples don't get it, but argue who is the greatest and want to call down fire on Samaritans. But as one greater than Elijah, Jesus' followers' cost of following Him is higher.

10 - Jesus sends out the 70, rebukes cities that reject Him, rejoices at God's revelation of Himself to the simple, tells the Good Samaritan parable to show who and how to love, refuses to rebuke Mary for listening to Him instead of serving.

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