The Spirit transforms, unifies

The most overlooked thing in our understanding of God and Communion, is not a thing at all, but a person, the Holy Spirit. He is the unifier, the go between, God’s ambassador to us here. While the firstfruits of our flesh is in heaven, God’s Spirit is with us. We believe the Lord truly feeds our souls with the body of Christ, in this meal. We also believe Christ’s body is not physically the bread and wine, for He is in heaven. So how does this feeding take place? By the mysterious power of the Holy Spirit. Thank Him today for drawing you to Christ, for enlivening you to want Christ, for uniting you with Jesus, so that your souls can be fat and satisfied with Christ.

This happens as we worship Him, and the order of our worship is like the order of our salvation.
Call to believe = call to worship
Call to confession = conversion, repentance, faith
Justification = declaration of pardon
Sanctification = hearing God’s Word
Glorification = Communion


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