Luke 1-4

1 - Gabriel foretells John's birth to Zechariah in the temple. He doesn't believe and is mute.
Mary. She believes, visits Elizabeth (who blesses her) and rejoices that God has kept His promises to Abraham. Zechariah regains his speech when he publicly names his child John as the angel said. He rejoices like Mary that God has delivered Israel as He promised Abraham. He foretells that John will go before the Christ.

2 - Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, announced by angels to shepherds. His redeeming work foretold by Simeon and Anna in the temple. Jesus shows wisdom in the Law at 12 years of age.

3 - Years later, John baptizes in the desert, gives ethical guidance to various types of people, and announces Jesus' arrival, baptizing Him. His geneology, through Mary, through David's son Nathan.

4 - Satan tempts Jesus away from the Father; He is rejected in Nazareth, but heals and preaches in several cities.

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