Acts 15-19

15 - Jerusalem council decides Gemtlies are in by faith - keeping Mosaic law not required,; Paul and Barnabas want to go visit the churches they started, but they separate over John Mark

16 - Paul takes Timothy as a disciple; on to new ground in Philppi; Lydia converted; Paul and Silas jailed; earthquake; jailer believes; Paul released

17 - opposition at Thessalonica; more reception at Berea; preaching in Athens

18 - On to Corinth, tentmaking with Aquila and Priscilla. Jews reject, but many believe. Jesus tells Paul to stay and he does for 1.5 years. Then back home to Antioch, while Apollos strengthens Greek Christians.

19 - Back to Ephesus, Paul baptizes 12 disciples, spends over 2 years there healing and exorcising, and sends helpers into Greece (this ministry is very like Jesus'). Riot in Ephesus.

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