Mark 12-16

12 - Jesus tells the parable of the tenants: the Sadducees are the tenants opposing God's servants and Son! They try a public relations move, asking if the people should pay taxes to Rome. They are to give Rome its due, and God His. The Sadducees then mock the resurrection to Jesus' face, and He refutes them with God's own self-description from the Pentateuch, the only books of the Bible they accepted as authoritative. Then a Pharisee asks which commandment is greatest, and Jesus shows His agreement with their basic theology (!). But Jesus shows from Psalm 110 that Messiah will be greater than David. Scribes rebuked; poor widow commended.

13 - Jesus predicts the temple's destruction. The disciples ask when, and Jesus tells them what will happen to them before that, and in the temple right before its fall. No one knows when, but it will happen before this generation dies, so stay awake.

14 - the Jews plot to kill Jesus after the feast. Jesus anointed with costly perfume. Judas agrees to betray Him. Passover prepared; Betrayal predicted; Communion instituted. They go out to Olive Mt, and He predicts their scattering and His resurrection again. He prays for the cup to pass by Him; they sleep; His arrest; their flight. Jesus remains silent before conflicting accusations, on trial before the Sanhedrin, but acknowledges He is the Christ when asked directly under oath. They take this as condemnation, faithlessly not considering the possibility that He is telling the truth. Peter denies Jesus after He is condemned, and as the rooster crows.

15 - The Jews accused Jesus before Pilate, who finds nothing wrong with Him, is amazed at His silence, and amused the Jews are afraid of His kingship. Soldiers mock, beat and crucify Jesus. Jews and passersby mock. God forsakes Jesus. He dies as Mary and Mary watch from a distance. Buried by Joseph of Arimathea

16 - Angels announce the resurrection to the women at the tomb. Those that hear don't believe at first, but Jesus tells them to "proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." He is taken up into heaven and the apostles go preach.

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