Mark 1-5

1 - John comes as Elijah, baptizing and announcing Jesus' coming. Jesus is baptized, tempted, moves to Galilee, calls disciples, teaches in the synagogue, casts out a demon, heals many more, and His fame spreads.

2 - Jesus asserts by healing that He has power to forgive sins. He calls and eats with Matthew, the tax collector and His friends. This offends the Pharisees, but Jesus came to save such people. Fasting doesn't fit with Jesus' presence. Jesus doesn't need to follow man-made rules about Sabbath, as He is its Lord.

3 - Jesus heals on the Sabbath, contrary to the Pharisees' teaching. They oppose Him; He withdraws and picks 12 apostles. Pharisees say Jesus is demonic; He counters that then Satan would be against Satan. Jesus' mother and brothers come to take Him away, but His family is those who do God's will.

4 - parables about the kingdom received (sower), revealed (lamp), reproducing (seeds). Jesus calms the storm.

5 - Jesus casts a legion of demons from a gentile, heals a woman who hemorrhaged for years, and raises a girl from death.

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