Mark 9-11

9 - Jesus is transfigured, casts out a demon, and predicts His death and resurrection. In response, the disciples argue about who is the greatest. Jesus tells them not to stumble anyone, and to go to any extreme to get rid of sin.

10 - Jesus teaches that divorce was allowed for our hardness of heart. Jesus blesses little children, since the kingdom of God is made up of such. Jesus tells a rich young man who wants to please God that he must sell all he has and follow Jesus. It is hard for the rich to put Jesus first. Jesus again predicts His death and resurrection, and this time in response James and John ask for the two highest positions in His kingdom! Gentiles lord it over each other, but we must serve each other. Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus in Jericho.

11 - Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt, to crowds shouting for the coming of David's kingdom. The next day Jesus curses a fig tree going into the city, He cleanses the temple, and going out the disciples notice the fig tree withered. By faith, prayer, and forgiveness, the unrighteous will totter and fall. Jesus' authority challenged, but His accusers cannot even refute John's divine mandate in public.

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