Acts 7-14

7 - Stephen recounts Israel's history, rebukes their unbelief, and is stoned
8 - Church persecuted; Phillip evangelizes Samaria and Ethiopian eunuch
9 - Saul converted-preaches in Damascus and Jerusalem; sent to Tarsus
9 - Peter heals and raises Dorcas to life
10 - God brings Peter to preach to Cornelius; Spirit falls even on Gentiles!
11 - Peter reports to Jerusalem; Barnabas sent to growing church in Antioch
11 - Barnabas calls Paul to help; Antioch sends aid to Jerusalem
12 - James martyred; Peter rescued from prison; Herod killed by God
13 - Saul and Barnabas sent west to preach Christ; Sergius Paulus converted
13 - Saul changes name to Paul; preaches in western Antioch - conflict
14 - On to Iconium: more growth & conflict; stoned at Lystra; back home

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