Luke 19-24

19 - Jesus restores Zacchaeus; parable of talents to teach we are to be faithful when He is gone. Triumphant entry into Jerusalem, hailed as King, hailers rebuked by Pharisees, but Jesus refuses to stop them, but instead opposes temple transactions (oppressed the people).

20 - Jesus and Jews spar. They question His authority, and try to trap Him. He refutes and rebukes them.

21 - Jesus is impressed with the proportionally great sacrifice of a poor widow. Others are impressed with great buildings and huge donations. Jesus speaks of the temple's destruction.

22 - Judas seeks to betray Him. Jesus transforms Passover, and urges His disciples to humble service and support of each other in coming hard times. Prayer and arrest in Gethsemane. Peter denies Him as Jesus is tried and condemned.

23 - Jesus tried before Pilate, condemned, crucified, and buried.
24 - Jesus' body is gone Sunday morning, angels preach the gospel. Disciples amazed. He appears to Peter, and to two going to Emmaus, then to all 12. He assures them He is alive, eats in front of them, teaches them, and ascends to heaven. The disciples worship Him there, and go back to worship Him in the temple.

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