John 18-21

18 - Jesus arrested in Gethsemane, betrayed by Judas. He goes of His own free will, much like Elijah did in 2 Kings 1 (read that whole chapter, notice Elijah's ascension in the next chapter, and ponder the parallels!). Jesus is tried by Annas and Caiaphas while Peter denies Jesus thrice. Jesus accused by Jews to Pilate of claiming to be a king. Pilate finds no fault in Him

19 - Pilate flogs Jesus, then tries to have Him released, but the Jews demand crucifixion. Pilate gives the order. Prophecy is fulfilled about His garments, unbroken bones, pierced body, as John and Mary look on. Joseph and Nicodemus bury Him in Joseph's new tomb, at the eve of Sabbath.

20 - Mary goes early Sunday to the tomb, but finds the stone rolled away. She goes and tells the disciples. Peter and John race there and go away wondering. Mary stays and Jesus appears to her. She tells the disciples again. He appears in their upper room that night. Thomas wasn't there and doubts. We are to believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.

21 - Jesus appears to the disciples in Galilee after a while, when they are fishing. He miraculously helps them catch 153 fish, representing all the nations for whom they will fish for disciples. Jesus restores Peter.

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