John 2-8

2 - Jesus turns water to wine, from ritual cleansing jars.
2 - Jesus cleanses the temple, and claims He will rebuild it in 3 days
3 - Jesus tells Nicodemus we must be born again, and that God sent His Son into the world to make this happen. John testifies that Jesus is meant to be greater than he

4 - Jesus offers the Samaritan woman living water
4 - He offers the disciples the food of doing God's will: harvesting believing Samaritans!

5 - Jesus heals a cripple at the pool of Bethesda, but without the pool. Jesus makes Himself equal with God by calling Him "My Father." Jesus strengthens this, claiming to have power of life over death in His Word, and that Scripture testifies to Himself

6 - Jesus feeds 5000, with 12 baskets left over; He walks on water
6 - Jesus tells the crowds they must believe He is bread from heaven they must eat to live. They must also drink His blood, by the Spirit not the flesh, to live. Many leave at this, but the disciples know only Jesus has the words of life

7 - opinion about Jesus divided among Jews, while leaders oppose Him. Jesus asserts He is from the Father, points to His miracle, and says He is living water

8 - Jesus does not condemn the adulteress but hypocritical Pharisees. As Jesus tells them he is from God, opposition intensifies, some believe. Jesus says Abraham's children are identified by believing Him

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