John 9-13

9 - Jesus heals a blind man, Jews persecute both and refuse to believe Jesus is from God

10 - Jesus says He is the good shepherd the sheep should follow. He is the door they sheep must pass through. He will lay down his life for the sheep. He and the Father are one - His miracles prove this

11 - Jesus raises Lazarus from death, showing He is the resurrection and life
11 - Caiaphas prophesies He will die to preserve and gather scattered Israel

12 - Mary anoints Jesus at Bethany. Large crowds amazed; leaders plot to kill
12 - Triumphal entry where Jews laud Him and Greeks seek Him, but He must be lifted up. Most don't believe Him and the influential who do keep it secret. Jesus says He came from the Father to save the world

13 - In the upper room before Passover Jesus washes the disciples' feet, telling them to serve each other, since even He their Lord served them. He predicts Judas' betrayal, Judas leaves, Jesus commands the rest to love each other, and predicts Peter's denial of Him.

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