Matt 12-16

12 - Jesus plucks grain and heals on the Sabbath, resisted by the Pharisees. Jesus withdraws so as not to break bruised reeds. Pharisees pursue and escalate accusations. Jesus answers that He is plundering the strong man. He is greater than the temple, Jonah, and Solomon.

13 - Jesus teaches in parables about the kingdom, to help those who believe and keep doubters at a distance. It is received variously, bearing fruit or not; it has weeds sown in with the wheat until the end; it grows to great size and is useful; it is worth pursuing with all you have. Jesus is rejected in His hometown of Nazareth.

14 - Herod is haunted by John's rebuke and his unjust execution of John. Jesus feeds 5,000, then walks on water to disciples, who worship Him.

15 - Jesus rails on Pharisees who violate the Word of God to uphold their external traditions. Sin comes from within. A Gentile woman receives crumbs from the Master's table, by faith. He heals, and feeds 4,000 Gentiles.

16 - Jesus opposes the Pharisees further. Peter confesses Jesus is the Christ, God's Son, but then seeks to keep Jesus from going to the cross. Jesus says we must all take up our own cross.

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