Matt 8-11

8 - Jesus heals a leper, centurion's servant, and Peter's mother-in-law. He has authority. Following Him comes before honoring your parents. He has authority over wind, waves, and demons.

9 - Jesus has power to forgive sins, proving it by healing a paralytic. He eats with tax collectors and other sinners who know they need a savior. New wineskins. Raises a girl to life from death; restores sight and speech. Laborers for the harvest are needed - the need is great.

10 - Jesus calls and sends out the twelve apostles to preach and heal with His authority. They will be rejected and persecuted as He has been and will be. Do not fear man, but God.

11 - John doubts Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus confirms He is, and that John was the greatest prophet leading up to Him. But Israel has rejected both. It will be worse for Sodom than for them. God hides the truth from the wise and gives it to the simple. Come to Jesus for rest, all who need it.

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