John 14-17

14 - Jesus comforts the disciples that He only leaves to get a place ready to be with them. He is the way, truth and life, one with the Father. If anyone loves and obeys Jesus, the Father will send Him the Spirit to lead him into further truth.

15 - abide in Christ and you will bear fruit joyfully. Love one another. The world hates Me, so it will hate you. The Spirit will help you testify to me.

16 - it is good for Jesus to leave, for He will send the Spirit to comfort disciples and convict the world. Their sorrow will give way to joy for He will come again. He came from the Father, and the disciples say they understand and believe this.

17 - Jesus prays His disciples would be preserved and united
17 - Jesus prays that He would be glorified and we would be with Him.

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