Deuteronomy 14-16 - Sabbaths

Fourth commandment exposited: keep the Sabbath

14 - bring your tithes to the tabernacle and eat it there, rejoicing. Every third year, leave the tithe in your own city for the Levites there.
15 - forgive debts and release slaves every 7 years; don't borrow; lend to the poor, even if the 7th year is close; permanent slavery may only be voluntary; sacrifice every firstborn, unblemished animal to God at the tabernacle; if it is blemished, don't sacrifice it but just kill and eat it at home
16 - Passover - kill and eat it in the temple, not at home; eat unleavened bread for 7 days, Passover being the first day, to remember the hasty exodus from Egypt. Feast of Weeks - 7 weeks later, to rejoice: Israelite, refugee, Levite, widow and orphan together. Feast of booths - 7 day feast when harvest is brought in. These are the 3 required feasts (annual Sabbaths).

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