Turn toward Him and others at the Table

1 Cor 11:17-29

The church continues to misunderstand the warning in these verses, not remembering the context of Corinthian division in the body of Christ. The problem wasn’t that they weren’t doctrinally discerning where Christ’s physical body was in relation to the Communion elements. The problem was that they were acting like lone ranger individuals in the corporate body of Christ, with no obligations to their brothers and sisters. This makes it especially ironic that our common practice is to descend into ourselves, away from others, and close our eyes when Paul warns us against this very thing. You’re not seeing Christ’s body, you aren’t recognizing, perceiving it, in the church gathered to partake. So I do strongly encourage you, open your eyes to partake; even turn around and look at others with a smile. In dealing with your sin at this meal, don’t turn away from others; turn to them. See other redeemed sinners; see yourself in them. God has made us to need one another in our fight against sin. This Supper is a sober reminder of Christ’s death for us and our sin; it is also a picture of what resulted: food for God’s people. We are the bread. Consider the body of Christ, the fruit of His death, as you eat and drink, proclaiming His death.


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