Sermon text: 2 Samuel 3

Whether you are tempted with subtle pride, like Abner, to think you are the center of things, or have committed horrendous sins like Joab, you are at the son of David’s table, and He receives you like He did Abner, on one condition – that you hand over to Him your Michal. This means 2 things for us. We must hand over to God alone our guilt, not trying to deal with it ourselves by covering it up or by working harder, but trusting God to take it away at the cross of Christ, by grace. And second, we have to hand over to God our hopes and dreams, the life we hope to have. It is His kingdom, not ours. We are not the center, here to give Christ our all-important allegiance that He so desperately needs. No, no. We are here to receive HIS blessing. We are Ish Bosheth – we used to claim the throne, but we have to give our Michal to David. That highest hope you have for your future – lay it at the feet of Jesus, surrender it to Him. We must give our all to Christ.


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