Deuteronomy 22-26

Expositing the 7th commandment

22 - no mixed seed, animals, cloth; tassels on clothes. False accusations of sexual impurity severely punished. Adultery a capital offense.
23 - those excluded from the assembly; cleanliness in military camps

Expositing the 8th commandment
23 - don't charge Israelites interest; keep your vows; only pick from others' fields what you can carry in your hand and eat on the spot.
24 - a man may not remarry his divorced wife after she has married and divorced another. Newlyweds may not be drafted; don't take a man's means of livelihood as collateral; no kidnapping

Expositing the 9th commandment
24 - Maintain the dignity of the poor, pilgrim, widow and orphan. Give their wages, justice, and daily bread speedily and generously.
25 - If you beat the guilty, do it in the judge's presence, no more than 40 times.

Expositing the 10th commandment
25 - Don't keep the laborer from his wage (4). Brothers should propogate the name of their dead and childless brothers, to build up his house (5-10). Don't fight dirty (11-12)! No cheating in your currency exchanges. Destroy Amalek, who covetously attacked your weak.
26 - When you enter the land, offer the firstfruits/tithe of your harvest to God, professing and rejoicing in the great things God has done for you, and asking for His blessing.

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