Repent, receive, rest

Westminster Shorter Catechism Q85-86

85What doth God require of us, that we may escape his wrath and curse due to us for sin?

To escape the wrath and curse of God due to us for sin, God requireth of us faith in Jesus Christ, repentance unto life, with the diligent use of all the outward means whereby Christ communicateth to us the benefits of redemption.

86What is faith in Jesus Christ?

Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace, (Heb. 10:39) whereby we receive and rest upon him alone for salvation as he is offered to us in the gospel.

The evangelistic question “Are you saved?” meets today with the rejoinder, “Saved from what?” We must escape God’s wrath which we deserve. We have to repent and believe in Christ. Repenting is turning away from sin, seeing it for the horror it is. Faith is receiving Christ and resting on Him to take that sin away from God’s sight. Repent, receive, rest. This is what we must do. This is what we do each worship service. We have repented; we are now receiving Christ in His Word. Soon we will rest at the table as we receive Christ there.


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