Deuteronomy 19-21 - dealing with murder

Expositing the sixth commandment - do not murder

19 -set up 3-6 cities of refuge for the unintentional killer to be safe from family members who seek vengeance. Premeditated murderers have no refuge. Need 2 witnesses. False witnesses should receive the punishment that would have gone to their accused.
20 - in war, release any who are afraid or newlywed. Offer terms of peace to a city, first. Kill everything that breathes in cities that are your inheritance. Kill only the men in other cities, keeping the rest for plunder. Only use trees that don't bear food for beseiging.
21 - for an unsolved murder in the field, the nearest city must offer a sacrifice and vow they did not do it. Regulation of taking women as plunder in war; give birthright of double inheritance to oldest son; stone a stubbornly rebellious child; don't leave a hung man out overnight.
22 - do due diligence to preserve life in various situations

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