Numbers 1-10

1 - census of men over 20 who could fight: 603,550. Not the Levites
2 - placement and movement of tribes in the camp; Judah leads east
3 - Levites to serve in tabernacle for Aaron; census, placement, duties
3 - Levites taken for the Lord's service instead of firstborn of Israel
4 - duties and census of Levites
5 - ritual for testing whether a wife has been unfaithful or not
6 - rules for the Nazirite vow: grapes, hair, dead body; priestly blessing
7 - offerings for temple: dishes with grain, incense; animals for sacrifice
8 - tabernacle lamps; Levites set apart to serve in the tabernacle
9 - second Passover a month later provided for; cloud/fire over tab
10 - trumpets for assembly, moving camp, warfare, feast gathering

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