European "S" words for 800, please

Move over "serenschnitte", here comes "smygmaskvirkning!" I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce that one.

Smygmaskvirkning is a Swedish word referring to a type of slipstitch crochet called Bosnian crochet or shepherd's knitting (even though it's not really knitting.)

At our last church I remember an older Dutch member talking about my knitting and calling the needles "pins" or "pens" (it's really hard to differentiate when she'd say it). I never asked her why she used that term, but she might have picked up the word from this old form of crochet. It uses a flat hook with a large oval-shaped handle sometimes called a "pen."

In order to preserve our fiber-related past, I must attempt this! Perhaps I'll find a grassy field and some sheep to really get the right context. :)

If you really want to know more, visit this website for a brief intro and more links.


  1. Hi Sara!
    Sorry, I couldn't find your e-mail address. Can you send me a note with your e-mail? I'd love to say "Hi" and catch up with you! :) Jessica

  2. You can use our grassy field and sheep!