Postage Stamp quilt

I can't decide if Ilike this latest quilt or not. I started it by trying a new technique of piecing the "postage stamp" squares in the center. I first ironed all the squares onto a piece of water soluable interfacing, then sewed up the long seams. The process is described here. It was an interesting way to piece a lot of little squares quickly, but I was not a fan of sewing through the water soluable interfacing. It was like sewing through plastic! Some squares shifted a bit, so the corners are a bit wonky in a few places. The finished postage stamp section is only about 8x11 inches.
Here's where my dilemma comes in... I had this fun tiny quilt, but wanted to make a it larger, perhaps a baby quilt. But what to do for the rest of the top? The center part is busy, so I decided a nearly-solid surrounding fabric with some simple quilting would balance it out. But I'm not sure it worked. I feel like the center section is "trapped" in a box, but perhaps the diagonal quilting gives the piece the needed movement. I did end up putting a bright yellow binding around it, so the eye bounces back and forth between that and the center . I guess I like the finished effect, but perhaps the colors aren't quite "baby" colors. What do you think?
Finished size is 30x31".

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