Jeremiah 14-17

14 - God predicts famine, drought, and sword for Judah. Jeremiah intercedes and repents for Israel.
15 - But God will not relent. Israel's sin is too great. Jeremiah laments the people's fierce opposition to him. God comforts and exhorts him (verses 15-21 were very precious to me today).
16 - God will bring death to many, and those who survive won't have a chance to mourn the dead. When Israel asks why, tell them it is for their sin and idolatry. But I will hunt and fish for them and bring them back as a second exodus.
17 - God contrasts the faithful and the wicked; Jeremiah prays for deliverance from the situation. God commands Judah to keep the Sabbath and He will preserve and prosper them.

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