Jeremiah 46-52

46 - Judgement against Egypt. Babylon will conquer her. Israel will be spared from her, though punished.
47 - God's sword of judgment also comes against the Philistines: horses and chariots from the north.
48 - Judgment against Moab: "Because you trusted in your works and your treasures, you also shall be taken" (7).
49 - Judgment against Ammon, Moab, Damascus, Hazor, Kedar, and Elam.
50 - Judgment against Babylon. She shall fall for her sins to a nation from the north.
51 - God remembers Israel, and so Babylon falls. "Babylon must fall for the slain of Israel." She was God's hammer to break the nations, and now Israel will escape from her. She will be desolate forever. Jeremiah sends this prophecy with King Zedekiah to the Babylonian king to read before him, then throw into the Euphrates tied to a stone, to show how Babylon will sink!
52 - recap of Jerusalem's fall: temple taken down, bronze pillar and basin melted down, high priest and other nobles slain. Back in Babylon, King Jehoiachin is released from prison to eat with the king. Hope for return from exile.

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