Jeremiah 1-6

1 - God calls Jeremiah to be a prophet to the nations. He objects that he is a youth who cannot speak. God equips Him, and summarizes his message: God brings disaster from the north on Israel for their idolatry. Jeremiah must not let Israel or the nations intimidate him, so he can speak boldly and clearly.

2 - Israel has taken other gods, along with Yahweh, but denies it. God has tried to correct them, but they won't listen.

3 - I (God) divorced Israel and sent her away (into exile) for her idolatry. Judah saw it, but has done the same thing, repenting only in pretense. Return to Me, and I will heal you. Circumcise your hearts.

4 - Disaster from the north: a hot wind that will destroy, not cleanse. Anguish as of childbirth will come in that day. Creation will be undone, losing its light and form.

5 - The small and great have all remained idolatrous, so wild beasts will tear them apart. They do not fear God and they love false leaders. God will not make a full end of Judah, though.

6 - Jerusalem is wholly wicked. Prophets say "Peace," but there is none. Walk in the old paths, I tell them, but they don't listen. They keep sacrificing, but I won't accept them anymore. The refining process is useless - the wickedness won't come off.

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