Ezekiel 1-4

1 - Ezekiel in Babylon sees the glory of God, which can move anywhere, in four living creatures, a throne, and a bright rainbow.

2 - God sends Ezekiel to Irsael, a rebellious house. They do not eat what God gives them.

3 - God makes Ezekiel eat a book of His words, to take to Israel with firm resolve to overcome their stubbornness. He is lifted up by the Spirit to Babylon (like Phillip in Acts 8?). God says Ezekiel is responsible for Israel's destruction, if He has message for them from God and doesn't deliver it.

4 - Ezekiel is to make a model of Jerusalem's siege, lay on his side as many days as the exile will be in years, and eat a coarse and stingy diet, as those in exile will.

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