Jeremiah 26-29

26 - Stronger resistance to Jeremiah's prophecies. He is accused in the gate, but a nobleman, Ahikam, protects him.
27 - God has given the nations to Babylon to rule for a time. Serve it, or be crushed. (Liberty or death are not the only two godly options, and sometimes it is sin to demand one or the other - sometimes.
28 - False prophet Hananiah says Babylon will go down in 2 years, exiles and temple things returning. Jeremiah says he speaks falsely and will die within 1 year. He does.
29 - A war of words between true and false prophets in Judah and in exile. The false give false hope of return. Jeremiah says it will be 70 years, they should settle in, and has plans for their good.

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