Jeremiah 18-22

18 - God is like a potter with the nations, undoing and remaking according to his will. Israel has forgotten God. Jeremiah resisted, again, and he prays against his enemies.
19 - Jeremiah breaks a pot and says Israel will thus be broken. Tohet, where they sacrifice their children to idols, where be their tomb.
20 - A priest has Jeremiah beaten and imprisoned. Jeremiah complains that when he speaks God's words, as he must, he is derided. He curses his life.
21 - King Zedekiah asks Jeremiah if God will save Judah. The answer is no, He will save those who take refuge with their besiegers.
22 - God will destroy Judah if her kings don't do justice. The last king who exiled (Josiah's son Shallum) won't come back. To the present king: don't be preoccupied with houses, decorations, and luxury, and ignore justice, or you will end up like Shallum, buried like a donkey and with no heir.

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